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This blog is about our two new toy poodle puppies! We brought them home at two months of age on July 17th 2015. That means their birthday is about May 17th. They’re so fun!


Initially we were going to get Zoey, but by the time we waited for her to get old enough, no one had taken Joey. Our breeder wanted us to take both and it has turned out to be a great idea! They’ve been together since they were in the womb and they’ve been inseparable ever since.


Sometimes they wrestle around too much and one will “Yipe” in pain, but mostly it’s all in fun and you can tell they enjoy chasing each other around. LOL

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  1. They’re starting to develop personalities! Joey is sweet and cuddly. He like to hang out with us. He doesn’t like to get his feet wet in the grass. Zoey is the adventurous one who runs off in the yard and explores everything. She likes to nip on you during petting. But both of them instigate the fighting and wrestling around. LOL

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